About Us

Herbal Works Handcrafted Skincare specializes in handcrafted soap, and small batch bath and body products. We believe in the medicinal magic of plants and herbs to holistically heal body. All of our products are created with love, passion, and the finest ingredients to aide in the overall health and beauty of your skin. 

Based out of sunny South Florida -  our goal is to provide you with the most natural, quality, and skin-loving essentials so that you can leave those chemical filled, store bought products alone for good. At Herbal Works we believe it is important to be knowledgeable and have a peace of mind about what is going onto and ultimately into your body by giving your temple the natural, soothing skin care it truly deserves. 

We really hope that you enjoy our products and would love to hear what you think. Feedback is always appreciated! Hopefully we have gained an Herbal Babe for life!